United States of America represents the first step to insertion in the international market. The American market, friendly to business, is one of the most aimed by entrepreneurs wishing to make business abroad

The start-up of a company in the USA is a simple, agile and desbureaucratized. Indeed, the adequate guidance is very important, for making the best choices. Besides the start-up of a business, the entrepreneur who wishes to actuate in the USA should worry about other crucial matters, as the trademark, the choice of the ideal location to develop his activities in order to maximize the results, the record of the activities on the place chosen to settle, the insertion in the American market (to benefit from the incentives and advantages available on the market) and, mainly, with the American tax and labor legislation.

 The rules for an opening/incorporation of companies in the USA vary according to the state.

 Due to the easing on the bureaucratic process, and the competitive tributary charges, the most searched states are Florida and Delaware.

 It’s not necessary to have a Social Security Number (SSN), or any other kind of American visa, just a normal valid passport.

 Despite it takes normally one week to release the license, the time of the complete process to open a company can take up to 25 days.

The internationalization process is an important step for those who search new markets, new partners, and expansion.

 Valorization of the trademark, consequently, risk reduction.

 Scaling economy.

 Amplification of the capacity of attending and responding to the global demands.

 Access to raw materials and services with more competitive values.

 Competitive differential in relation to domestic competitors.

 Diversification of income source.


Define in which state he/she wishes to open the company.

Choose the kind of society.

Record the name of your company.

Obtain a residence address in the USA.

Contract a registered agent.

Perform the registration of your company.

Apply for the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Provide all the necessary documentation.

Open a bank account in the USA.

In the USA, the trademark is the registration of any name, logotype or slogan used to identify a company, a product or a service. It’s intellectua